• 2015- 2019 – Bachelor of Arts with Hons: Intermedia Art  / Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.
  • April- July 2018 – Erasmus Study Abroad: Fine Art / Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München

 Selected Group Exhibitions

  • August 2019 / ‘BOG birthday’:Rhythm Machine / Summerhall, Edinburgh

Video piece and collaborative sculpture installation at a multi-art complex and events venue in Edinburgh.   

  • April 2019 / ‘CANVAS: Magazine launch’ / The Argyle, Edinburgh

Promotional video made for launch of student art magazine: CANVAS  

  • February 2019 / ‘Bog 2’ : BOG COLLECTIVE /ECA, Edinburgh

Video work in collaborative exhibition with art collective ‘BOG’ exploring expanded cinema and digital work.

  • June 2018 / ‘The Weight Of It All’: Cecile B. Evans / Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München

Sculpture work in exhibition curated by artist Cecile B. Evans.

  • November 2017 / ‘Fashion Bog’ : BOG COLLECTIVE / ECA, Edinburgh

Video work in multidisciplinary exhibition with art collective. As a group we shared an interest in intuitive curation.

 Relevant Employment

  • September 2020- Ongoing / Digital Design, Communications and Museum Management Traineeship/ Salon Berlin -Museum Frieder Burda 

Creating online content for social media and assisting with the management of the gallery. 

  • September 2020 / Digital Designer / INDIE magazine / Berlin

Creating rich media content for the social media and digital magazine.  

  • January- April 2019 / Head of Advertising / CANVAS Magazine, Edinburgh Head of Advertising for CANVAS.

 I promoted meetings, exhibitions and created promotional videos.  

  • June 2017 – August 2019 / Exhibition Assistant / ECA, Edinburgh

Front of House duties, invigilating exhibitions and working behind a bar at busy opening nights.

  • June 2012 / Production Assistant Internship /Deutsche Welle, Berlin

Work experience which gave me behind the scenes understanding of news production and distribution in Berlin.

Commissioned Video Editing Projects 

  • November 2020, Autohaus Golbeck GmbH

Video made for social media and web presence to promote Golbeck GmbH.

  • October 2020, ‘Tomorrow’, Justin Mortimer

Video made for social media to promote Mortimer’s exhibition in Space K gallery in Korea.                 

  • April 2019, CANVAS Magazine

Video made for social media and Launch party to promote the latest magazine release.                                        

Selected Interests and Skills

  • Fluent German and English speaker.
  • Proficient in video and image editing software (Final Cut Pro and Adobe suite).
  • Youth Theatre / / Chipping Norton 2006-2015