‘2007’, 2020

‘What Does It Mean?’, 2019

‘Break it Down’, 2019

‘What Does it Mean?’ and ‘Break it Down’, are episodes of a satirical TV series about contemporary art which question judgements made about how art is given credibility and value. Both films include spoof artworks, which mock tropes of contemporary art.

‘What Does it Mean?’ mimics the genre of a TV game show in which a panel of contestants discuss the meaning behind the spoof video which appears as a film within a film. ‘Break it Down’ satirizes a cultural TV documentary and is intended to patronise the imagined audience with deliberately annoying pop-up commentary from the Art Guardians who speak directly to the viewer, like the chorus in Greek drama.

Each film introduces a cast of characters with scripted performances by actors written though a collaborative effort. At the planning stage I mapped out these sequences, inviting friends to take part  and we worked for several days on the development of the characters and the script. This was my starting point, but at the editing stage I developed surreal and disjointed sequences and included found footage to produce a layered and more nuanced outcome with physical props and animated, synthetic forms which float through virtual spaces.

‘The Past’ (film short), 2020